De wiskundige en de canyon

Two men are in a hot-air balloon. Soon, they find themselves lost in a canyon somewhere. One of the three men says, “I’ve got an idea. We can call for help in this canyon and the echo will carry our voices to the end of the canyon. Someone’s bound to hear us by then!”
So he leans over the basket and screams out, “Helllloooooo! Where are we?” (They hear the echo several times).
Fifteen minutes later, they hear this echoing voice: “Helllloooooo! You’re lost!”
The shouter comments, “That must have been a mathematician.”
Puzzled, his friend asks, “Why do you say that?”
“For three reasons. First, he took a long time to answer, second, he was absolutely correct, and, third, his answer was absolutely useless.”


  1. AnoniemNo Gravatar" onclick="javascript:urchinTracker( wrote:

    This is copied by an engineer who uses an approximation for the number of men in the hot-air balloon :-)

  2. LievenNo Gravatar" onclick="javascript:urchinTracker( wrote:

    En in een vervolg hierop kun je besluiten dat de mannen in de ballon managers zijn. Ze stellen een vage vraag, krijgen een correct antwoord, ze zijn niet slechter af dan vroeger maar opeens is het de schuld van degene die hun vraag beantwoordde.

  3. rpNo Gravatar" onclick="javascript:urchinTracker( wrote:

    Zoals ik hem ken luidt het antwoord: “You’re in a hot air balloon.”

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